Netflix ”OA” Trailer Released: Looks Confusingly Similar To ”Stranger Things” And The Lead Star Co-Writes It : Science & General News : Latinos Health

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Netflix has dropped a surprise trailer of a new series christened ”OA”. It is planned to discharge this Friday and looks absolutely confounding. The Protagonist is also the writer of the show. 

In the trailer, we can see a therapeutic puzzle of a young lady, who is seen snared to wires in an undercover research area that seems to handle cutting edge mind-based experiments. 

Regardless, the trailer begins with a story where she vanishes as a visually impaired child and once she comes back with vision after years. Following visuals and audios of people trying to help and recover her riddled memories, this Drama series is certainly sneaking around the mystery sort.

The Huffington Post suggests that viewers find the main character of the show ‘Prairie Johnson’ eerily similar to ‘Eleven’ of ”Stranger Things”.

Here are some interesting user comments from its YouTube preview:

”After Stranger Things, I’m willing to give just about anything on Netflix a chance”. 

”Stranger Things season 2 is looking pretty weird”.

”who else is confused?”

Reports from Vanityfair gives us light that this television drama is the brainchild of Brit Marling (Lead Actor) and Zal Batmanglij. The pair is well known for their ecological film ”The East” that was recognized in the 2013 Sundace film festival.

The notable cast of ”OA” is Brit Marling as Prairie Johnson, Emory Cohen (”Brooklyn” fame) as Homer and Scott Wilson (”Walking Dead” fame) as Abel Johnson. Jason Isaacs (”Harry Potter” fame) is also credited in the cast, but for some reason he is only found in one episode in the show’s IMDB page.

So far no one knows what ”OA” stands for. Is it a Noun or does it have a full form? Questions are piling up before the show releases this Friday. 

Remember all that she says in the trailer. Since it will be less complicated to watch once its accessible in Netflix.