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Nikon has finally released the specs and features of its latest DSLR model D5600 for its fans. The Nikon D5600 is an upgrade to the highly successful and well received D5500 model. The latest model boasts of excellent Bluetooth connectivity to an already superb camera model.

The Japanese camera manufacturer has basically added a few hardware upgrades here and there and has thus, improvised the Nikon D5600 specs for its fans and users. Nikon has added the SnapBridge Bluetooth technology to the pretty affordable DSLR and the device has been reviewed recently by all experts. The ratings have been a great 8 on 10- that is a good sign, folks!

Nikon D5600 Specs & Latest News

With the SnapBridge Bluetooth technology, you can easily pair your precious camera to your smartphones. This feature helps you in constant image syncing, conducting proper back-ups, and finally, easy photo sharing. The hardware additions aside, Nikon D5600 has other upgrades and news to offer. It adds a time lapse movie mode to its features.

This attribute has been taken from another family member, D7200. Not just this, to keep up with the progressing times, Nikon has stated that the D5600 specs will also include a full blown touch screen with enhanced touch at its disposal. The actual functionality and success of these additions will only be tested once the Nikon D5600 is released to the public. 

All the other specifications and features are essentially similar to its predecessor, the Nikon D5500. Nikon D5600 specs include a 24.2-megapixel camera with APS-C sensor and an Expeed 4 processor. It promises 1080p quality video at 60 frames per second. They display is 3.2 inch with the tilting mode. These essential upgrades are quite welcome and have got the Nikon fans quite excited all over the world. However, there is a single bad news in tow.

Right now, the Nikon D5600 is only set to launch in the home country, Japan. The final specifications, price, and updates will only be known in the global market after Nikon confirms and announces the good news.

The Nikon D5600 specs may be finally confirmed at the globally renowned trade show, CES 2017. Are you excited about the latest addition to the Nikon DSLR family? Keep watching this space for more updates!