One weird trick for weight loss

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I know, I know it sounds like one of those weird weight loss ads, but this is actually a weird trick for you to try.

I call it the The calendar method (Truthfully, I think I got this from one of the girls over at )

This is a great way to simplify the recording of your diet plan. Simply get a calendar – maybe one of those cute kitten calendars, or my favorite –  a calendar full of pics of million dollar private island escapes… Then at the end of each day put a BIG check mark on the days your eating was ‘on point’ at a level you are happy with and that that was in-line with your weight loss and nutrition goals.

Put a BIG slash through the box if it was an average day where you were not as good as you would like, but it wasn’t a loss… basically a day that you think was about neutral.

Put a BIG X through the days where you know that you for sure went ‘over’ or ‘out’ of your diet.

(If you want to be really dramatic you can make the check marks green and the X’s red)

By the end of the month you will be able to look over your record and find trends. You will also be able to line up your actual weight loss with your guesstimate based on what you thought were good, even or bad days. Trust me, this can be a very revealing experiment.

This is a great tool for learning what too little, too much and just right feels like and is also a nice dose of reality to look back and see how you think you did on your diet versus the results.

Like I said, it’s a weird trick, but one that can be really effective, especially if you’ve slowed down with your weight loss, or hit a plateau with your eating.