Steve Kerr Says Twitter Trolls Would Have Inspired Michael Jordan to Win a Few More NBA Championships

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Besides being arguably the best player to ever step foot on a basketball court, Michael Jordan was as hyper-competitive as they come. Whether it was playing cards on the team plane or besting his teammates in a half-court shooting contest at practice, Jordan wanted to devour the competition no matter what the contest was. His insane, sometimes obsessive drive is what led His Airness to six NBA championships, but a former teammate thinks he could’ve earned a lot more if Twitter and its well-known trolls were around when MJ was playing.

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Jordan retired in 2003, three years before Twitter made its debut. But current Golden State Warriors head coach and Jordan’s former Chicago Bulls teammate Steve Kerr thinks Jordan’s Hall of Fame accolades would have been even greater had his career coincided with the advent of the social media platform.

You could an absolutely perfect athlete and still catch heat from some Tweeter with three followers and an egg for an avatar. We can picture Jordan, in a post-championship press conference, shouting out “@MJSux42” as the motivation behind a 40-point performance that clinched his ninth championship—or something.

Jordan is a crazy person, and we were cheated out of seeing him fire back at Twitter trolls. That, folks, is a tragedy.