Transhumanism Is Inevitable: Freeze People’s Brain And Live Forever : Human : Science World Report

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If one wants to freeze and preserve his brain, it is now being done in the United States and Russia. Is it really possible?

What do they mean with transhumanism or singularity? It is as simple as artificial intelligence and technology working together to achieve immortality. It is a movement that aims to transform the human condition through technology to greatly enhance human’s physical, intellectual and psychological capacities.

Cryonics And Immortality

Cryonics, for instance, is the process wherein the body is frozen, in the hopes of finding the cure for an incurable disease in the future. It is the science to preserving human life so when the technology becomes available in a couple of years or decades, good health is restored.

Two countries are currently offering cryonics, the United States and Russia. In Russia, KrioRus is the company offering this service. Russia has long been fascinated with immortality and it has a transhumanist movement, wherein people alter their bodies and minds to prepare for a technology-rich culture, according to a Bloomberg report.

Recently, a teen from Europe opted to have her body preserved after she succumbed to cancer. The girl’s mother and estranged father have disagreed with the girl’s wish. However, the court has agreed to grant the girl’s wish as she was brought to the United States to be cryogenically frozen, in the hopes of going to be brought back to life if the cure for cancer has been discovered.

Artificial Intelligence To Match The Brain Power Of Humans Combined

The increasing pace of change and exponential growth in computing power will eventually lead to singularity in the next decades. In fact, the year when man becomes immortal, 2045, could be the year that the intelligence of the computer could match or surpass the brain power of all humans combined.

When people hear the word singularity or immortality, it is hard to imagine that it could happen in the future. However, science fiction can become a reality, and in this case, people could become immortal, thanks to technology and the computer.

The company, 2045 Initiative, founded by Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov in 2011, aims to create a new way for the development of technologies that aim to transfer a person’s personality to a more advanced non-biological counterpart. This will extend life and perhaps extend to the point of immortality.