USA’s Area 51 Exposed In New Google Timelapse Video [Watch] : Trending News : Science World Report

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Area 51 is America’s most mysterious government base and also the focal point of many conspiracy theorists. A sprawling complex that encompasses an airfield and military test facility located between a mountain and a dry lake bed in the state of Nevada, the hush-hush base is the place where the F-117A Nighthawk stealth fighter, SR-71 Blackbird and U-2 spy plane were all developed.

According to UFOlogists, the base houses secretive alien technology that has also helped developed UFOs among other things. Now, a Google Timelapse video has revealed how the top secret Area 51 has developed over the past 32 years.

The remote desert location has long been off limits for the public at large, with fencing and armed security protecting the area from the prying and curious eyes of onlookers. There is a 23-mile by 25-mile no-fly zone over the base and on the ground for civilian aircraft. Additionally, the nearby locations of White Sides Peak and Freedom Ridge are also prohibited zones because they are vantage points for getting a good look down at the hush-hush area.

However, even with all the top-notch security cover, nobody built a roof over the mysterious base, and it is clearly visible from space. Therefore, now, one can also view Area 51 with the new timelapse video from Google, which has exposed its ongoing for the past 32 years of construction in a matter of seconds.

As per the , the mysterious complex has steadily expanded and improved over the past 30 years. The original runway has been widened and a second one has been constructed to the east. Additionally, development is particularly noticeable on the north side of the base.

Furthermore, the constructors have also been working at the mountain’s base for decades as the excavation into the sides has notably expanded over time. Though people are allowed a good look at Area 51 due to the timelapse, the purpose for all this activity still remains a mystery. One can watch the clip here.