The 3 Biggest Lies Entrepreneurs Tell Themselves

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Being an entrepreneur is tough. It takes a lot of hard work, long hours, and effort to make your own business succeed. When things get hard, it can be easy to tell yourself that everything is going great in order to get through it, but in reality, things are pretty bad.

Entrepreneurs do this to themselves all the time. They make things out to be better than they are in the hopes that they eventually will be. Now, having optimism in running a business is a great thing, but you can’t let your optimism convince you that everything is perfect. Doing so will only damage your business, possibly beyond repair.

There are several lies that entrepreneurs tell themselves to get through the day and you need to be aware of them. This way, when you start lying to yourself, you’ll recognize it and know how to overcome it. Now to go through every lie would take too much time. Instead, here are the 3 biggest lies entrepreneurs tell themselves that you need to know about.

Work Harder and Longer

One of the biggest lies that entrepreneurs tell themselves is that “I just need to work harder and longer and then my business will succeed!” While it is true that you need to work hard and you need to put in the hours, merely working harder and longer won’t help your business.

If your company is lacking customers, then you just putting in more work hours doing exactly the same thing you’ve been doing won’t change anything. Instead, you have to start analyzing why you aren’t getting enough customers and what you need to change to attract them. When your company faces a problem, you need to be smart about how you solve it. Working smarter is much more effective than simply working longer or working harder.

It’s Worked in the Past – It’ll Always Work

This lie is incredibly dangerous in any business and especially so for an entrepreneur. Just because something has worked in the past doesn’t mean it will work forever. New technology is being developed everyday and if you can’t adapt your business to it, your company will fail.

In 1995, Clifford Stoll published in article in Newsweek claiming that the Internet would just be a fad. It’s obvious today how very wrong he was. Imagine that you were a large retail store and you believed what Mr. Stoll said. Can you see how disastrous that could be for your business if you never invested in online sales?

This is why you can’t assume that just because something is working now means that it will always work. This goes for products, services, and especially marketing. Social media marketing and content marketing have shaken the process of advertising up too. The business world is always changing and to keep up, you will have to as well.

I Can Do It Best

Of all the lies that entrepreneurs tell themselves, this one can be the hardest to overcome. One of the problems that entrepreneurs run into is trying to get everything done for their business and trying to do it alone. An entrepreneur tends to think that they alone understand all the needs of their business. How could anyone else meet those needs specifically?

While it is true that entrepreneurs understand their business better than anyone else, they shouldn’t do everything alone. Outsourcing to skilled professionals allows you to focus on the tasks that you do best and lets others focus on what they do best. Working together helps your business succeed more than it would by simply working alone.

Beat The Lies

These 3 lies that entrepreneurs tell themselves are incredibly damaging to a business. Don’t let yourself or your company take a fall because of them. Now that you know what they are, you can prepare for these lies and beat them when they start to threaten your business.

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