Living An Aligned and Authentic Life Means Faster Success as an Entrepreneur

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Lately I’ve been working more with clients to pinpoint issues in their business that are misaligned. What does that mean? It means that you work to create a life and a business that mirrors your deepest wishes and most clearly held values. 

When We Are Aligned and Authentic Business Becomes Much Easier!

Almost every single time a client hires me to help I hear a story whose root cause is a misaligned energy or belief. This lack of alignment to values and deeply held desires shows up in several ways.

  • Their business is not financially successful
  • They are exhausted
  • Their team members are not loyal and supportive
  • There are client or customer retention problems
  • They feel out of sorts and disappointed

Here’s the truth. Your potential clients and customers AND your current clients are watching you. Whether you realize it or not, and whether you are a business owner or not, what you say and what you do has a profound impact on others. People notice when you don’t act and speak in alignment with how you present yourself.

For instance, I believe in our abilities to heal physical wounds beyond what most doctors will tell you is possible. So 4 years ago, when I lost my ability to walk for a while, I made it my business to model what consistent efforts in rehab and an unstoppable mindset could do. If I’d let myself give up and remain in a wheelchair or a scooter I would have not modeled for others or to myself what I said I believed. My actions would have spoken louder than my words.

Celebrities know this. They KNOW they are being watched. Us mere mortal humans don’t think about it as much. Maybe you’ve had someone say things like this to you:

  • I’ve never forgotten what you did for me.
  • You said something to me I’ve never forgotten.
  • I saw how much courage you had handling that situation.
  • I saw how that person cringed when you spoke to them.

Your clients, family, and friends are watching!

Yes, you are watched by others, even when you don’t realize it. We all are. And when we are saying one thing and doing another, people see that. 

  • If you are against violence but you watch violence on TV, it’s misaligned.
  • If you say you treat your customers with great care but you talk about them behind their back, it’s misaligned.
  • If you say you want to build your business but you sort of never get around to doing the work of it, it’s misaligned.

When you know your values and align your life to your deepest held wishes and beliefs the energy and positivity toward others just flows. Life and business become MUCH easier. Fear largely disappears. You feel energy rather than fatigue, and others respond to that energy. People call this state by different names, but it is living an aligned and authentic life. 

It’s a lifelong practice to stay in alignment, and of course, because we are human, we do a better job of it sometimes than others. We don’t have to strive for perfection, we strive for awareness. When others see this, they come to respect us and the work we do. Over time, as we gain more experience and age, our values shift and change. That’s why living an aligned life is a practice – we’re never done. We’re always evolving. 

Maybe talking about being aligned and authentic sounds pretty far afield from what I do for a living. It isn’t – it’s really the core of what we all must face as business owners – or as parents, or grandparents, or community leaders.  We can’t model what we are not. 

Our trouble spots show us where we are stuck, where the energy doesn’t flow, where life is giving us a pain. It’s actually kind of fun to figure out the puzzle, fix it, and get going again. It’s fun when people say to you, “Wow, I see you are walking your talk!”

Help for selling your transformational services

A good many of the clients I’ve worked with over the years offer some type of transformational service. Transformational services help others with their alignment. Maybe you offer a service in the healing arts, or a wellness service, or organizing or de-cluttering or bookkeeping. Almost all service-based businesses are transformational in some way. I wrote a book called “How To Get More Clients and Help More People: A Guide for Energy Workers and Transformational Business Owners.” It helps business owners understand why these types of services are sometimes hard to sell if we are mis-aligned. You can find the book on Amazon, just click on the title to take you there.

Think about the mark you make on others in your business, and whether you are modeling what you say you believe in. We know deep inside if we are living authentically. Sometimes, we lie to ourselves. Self-honesty is required to live aligned and authentic.

It can be sobering to realize that others watch you – we are a model to others every day. It’s much easier when we are truthful to ourselves, aligned inside and out. We feel true to ourselves and it shows through our actions. 

If you would like help in getting past your own stuck place and feeling less yuck and more ability to move ahead, you might consider working with me. Contact me ( and we’ll see how we might work together for a brief time. Or go to my two hour consultation link here